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Dedicated to effective care, support, and treatment for children and families.

Child and Adolescent Psychological Services 

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Dr. Paul Shawler is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist with specific expertise in children and adolescents. He has over a decade of specialized experience working with families, other mental health providers, and state and private child-serving systems. He works on methods to improve the well-being of children and families through delivery of effective and evidence-based programs. Whether he is seeing families in the office, consulting with school districts on Individual Education Programs, partnering with multidisciplinary teams and courts, working with university researchers, or consulting with community-based mental health agencies, Dr. Shawler is dedicated to effective care, support, and treatment that improves the lives of children and families.      

What does Dr. Shawler Treat?

Parents make the difficult decision to call for basically one reason: their child is struggling with some important area of development and they are at a loss with how to help get back on track. The decision to reach out for help is a big one and Dr. Shawler will work with you to make sure he understands the problem well and collaborates with you to use treatments that works. 

Major concerns we address include:

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Diagnostic & Assessment Services

Individual & Family Therapy Services 

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